One of our most precious natural resources is soil, the first link in the food chain which is essential for nutrition, not only in animals, but also in humans. Therefore, its management and its protection is of the utmost importance when preserving its quality. Application of inappropriate agricultural practices can lead to degradation and pollution, and may also have adverse effects on the environment and on climate change. Mankind’s activities disrupt not only the quality of the environment, but also through frequent application of a multitude of chemical products, the soil gets contaminated by various toxic substances which end up in the food chain. This directly threatens our health during the processing of any relevant final products.

Upholding the quality of the individual links in the food chain should be the mission for everyone whose activities affect the quality and composition of the soil and feed, and thus the quality of crops and livestock products.

The HUMAC products are effective natural substances with a high concentration of humic acids obtained from oxihumolite (leonardite) without any further chemical processing. Studies and analyses from universities, dating back to the the 90s, focus on the use of these natural substances and how they can help restore and increase the fertility of agricultural land, and reduce the usage of mineral fertilizers. They also confirmed that the health benefits for livestock, presented by the HUMAC products, can be achieved without antibiotics and can protect the environment.

Our aims are a healthy food chain, a toxin-free food production and an improvement of the environment.

We offer farmers and breeders a chance to achieve efficient and environmentally-friendly crop and livestock production, and to adapt to the ever-growing demand for natural and organic products.


- HUMAC contains an extremely high level of humic acids -

- HUMAC abounds with almost all naturally-occuring micro and macro-elements and acts as a chelate -

- HUMAC occurs in a natural environment and doesn’t require any further chemical processing -

- HUMAC is suitable for use in organic farming, and ensures the high quality of production -

- HUMAC secures significant economic benefits for both livestock and crop production -

- HUMAC can provide an improvement to the environment -

- HUMAC is available at a reasonable price -

Soil and Crops

  • HUMAC provides a long-term boost to soil fertility
  • HUMAC protects against erosion and degradation of agricultural soil
  • HUMAC fully substitutes manure
  • HUMAC radically reduces the consumption of mineral fertilizers
  • HUMAC substantially increases profitability of crop production


  • HUMAC provides natural detoxification of animals
  • HUMAC ensures the increase of immunity and greatly reduces the risk of health disorders
  • HUMAC significantly increases the nutritional value of the feed
  • HUMAC drastically reduces mortality ratios
  • HUMAC visibly increases profitability of production


  • HUMAC can naturally absorb, bind and entrap toxic substances, heavy metals and pesticides
  • HUMAC increases water retention in the soil
  • HUMAC reduces nitrification
  • HUMAC purifies of waste water
  • HUMAC remediates contaminated soils


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